Production move


Having grown their business with manufacturers closer to their sales market our client is ready to move manufacturing to Asia. During the transition period the nature of the business means that production from original as well as from new suppliers may be sold at the same time to the same customer. The production move also entails, due to large quantities and a wish to minimize risk, that several manufacturers will be making identical products.


Gekko is assigned to safe-guard the evenness of all aspects of production quality during the transition including the final stages of sample making and preproduction, on to during production monitoring and final inspections paying close attention to representing the client at site.

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Gekko is thoroughly introduced by the client to their potential manufactures as a being a local partner and a support and discussion partner for both parties. The manufacturer is asked to view Gekko as the clients investment in long-term and stable quality cooperation. Client is consequent in involving Gekko in the processes and making us a visible part of the move towards production.

Compliance audits for social as well as quality and manufacturing aspects carried out by a Gekko team. Corrective and preventative action plans are drawn up. Quality control parameters are drawn up clearly explaining expectations.

By detailed study of manufacturers raw material supply and quality systems we pinpoint important processes to monitor and engage the factories in preproduction discussions. All material relevant for production and quality is collected and consolidated and discussed at preproduction meetings and as it is crucial that all involved are crystal clear about demands some material is translated to the workers language. We ensure that all necessary information is moved out from the merchandiser desks to the production lines.

Inspection frequency is reduced to selected inline and 100% final production inspection as the production quality stabilize over time.


A number of Asian factories produce overlapping styles for the client and Gekko continues being caretakers of a stable quality. Keeping regular contact with management and production to monitor any risk for changes we also carry out all necessary quality controls. Based on our detailed understanding of the client demands we source and train new manufactures when needed.