Quality decline


A leading factory in its field works with a well known high quality brand for more than a decade. There is no visits between the two parties communication is done over email and production is allowed to follow a path of least resistance as production staff and account managers come and go. In the end the quality is found, by new management at the purchasing end, to have declined to a level where something has to be done as the brand image and sales are affected.Gekko is contacted to evaluated the situation and suggested ways to save the cooperation while looking for alternative suppliers as a second option.

manufacturing detail handsScope:

Gekko is formally introduced as the client’s local partner that will carry on the developments after the client leaves the area. The quality decline is discussed point by point and a list of measures are put in place to stabilize the production and materials for the factory side and from the client side order placement routines, clear design drawings and communication routines will be updated to make cooperation more in line with other customers method of working.

Bill of material is made and confirmed with both parties. Quality control routines are set in place based on current situation involving raw material inspections and stock inventory in the initial stages, during production inspection will give way to final inspections only over time. Current design drawings are checked in original and translated versions to ensure they match and version numbers and dates are applied to follow updates. Styles and their production steps are analyzed to pinpoint areas of checking. Checklists and quality control protocols as well as acceptable discrepancy range are set up and agreed on.

  • relationship is reestablished
  • communication paths are cleared
  • standards are set
  • preproduction meeting sets the standards with the production teams
  • quality control with photo reports and corrective action plan steady the quality decline


Cooperation is revitalized with renewed interest in where the cooperation may lead to in the future. Quality is back to an acceptable level and in meeting the customer expectation marketing can be done with greater confidence with order quantity increasing.