logo-newbody“Through their quality inspection services Gekko Quality Solutions has assisted us to successfully transfer part of our manufacturing to Asia since 2004. Gekko continues to ensure that the Newbody comfort, fit and product long-life is maintained with each new factory added. We can always trust their expertise and they are very customer focused in giving us timely and proactive attention. We are perfectly satisfied with our cooperation with the Gekko team and recommend their services to other companies needing quality control and delivery assurance in China and beyond.”

Elisabeth Carlén, Product Manager

Watt & Veke

wattveke-logo“We are very pleased with out cooperation with Gekko Quality Solutions since 2003 and appreciate the broad competence base of the company. The team at Gekko Quality Solutions assist us with a variety of business assignments; purchasing, quality control and shipping. We find it especially useful to have the European “eye” that Gekko possesses through their international team. This facilitates the communication and ensures that we get the materials to look and feel the way we want them to, and it makes the process much faster. We see Gekko as our right hand in Hong Kong and China and they have always provided us with correct, fast and friendly service.”

Monika Lindstrom, Owner


“In order to guarantee our customers the high quality that our brand name stands for, we cooperate with Gekko to carry out our external quality inspections. Since Baron is a Swedish-based company, but manufacture in the area around the Pearl River Delta, we have immense benefit of the location of the Gekko team, with its base in Hong Kong and in the Delta region. Gekko has appeared very competent in getting to know about any new products and the production demands and have become our natural Swedish-Chinese link to the factory floor.”

Jan Carl Adelswärd, Managing Director


Happy Plugs

“Gekko Quality Solutions has played a crucial part for our company’s development and expansion. With their presence close to our production base, they provide highly customized, flexible and customer oriented quality control, sourcing and project management services. Gekko  has been instrumental in finding new stable and reliable suppliers for the expansion of our supplier base. With their dedicated work, open communication, focus on team work and their unique insight in Chinese production, they have allowed us to successfully release quality products to the market at a fast pace.”

Andreas Vural, founder

Respect logo


“Gekko is our appointed partner in Asia and we have been working closely together for a long time. We regularly conduct supplier factory audits together and we have been very pleased with the collaboration. The reports that Gekko produces are of really high quality and our customers have shown us great appreciation for the accuracy and professionalism that they exhibit. We are very happy that we have such a reliable and skilled partner in Hong Kong!”

Alexandra Frenander