We hold your quality in our hands and we appreciate the responsibility.

Expertise and proven process from the Gekko team goes beyond responsible sourcing, quality control and compliance audits. Our holistic approach and bespoke solutions gives you real results to save time and money building a strong foundation for growth. We believe in long term relationships with customers and suppliers and as a result, we invest time and energy to get to know our clients well. Understanding your specific needs and business goals enables us to go the extra mile for you. Our mission is that your investment in quality through Gekko service is benefitting both you and your supplier.

Service agreement and payment terms

Most of our customers prefer working with Gekko through a yearly service subscription and the agreement allows for flexibility and outlines deliverables set by you. You select which services you need in your package. The service agreement accommodates for a trial period.


Client privacy and confidentiality is an integral part of our business. Unless we are specifically authorized by you to reveal your identity we will never do so. We let each project and presentation speak for itself and only use client references with their permission.

It is also our practice to use non-disclosure agreements to our protect client intellectual property rights. Beyond our cooperation we can also assist with non-disclosure agreements between you and your manufacturer for example where tool making and original designs may be involved.

Personalized service

All our clients have their own account manager who is well informed and constantly updated with the latest developments about our client’s business. This empowers us in the relationship with the supplier and leads to proactive and speedy resolution of issues.

dreamstime_m_15811879Assistance throughout the supply chain

With over 20 years experience of manufacturing in China and extensive knowledge of quality assurance throughout the supply chain, we know what it takes to get the job done. The earlier we get involved, the more value we can add, in giving you better quality, saving you more time and money.

Solution oriented

In the event that problems occur in the manufacturing process or are found during the control processes we will address any issues, concerns and defects proactively and come up with solutions for our clients. This ensures that our clients will never have to deal with problems on their own.

Local presence

We are here on the ground for you and able to represent your organization, so you don’t have to be!

Language and cultural bridge

Western and Chinese business culture differs in many ways and miscommunication is one of the most common reasons for quality issues. Our diverse multi-ethnic Gekko team can bridge both the cultural and language gap for you.

Focus on quality and sustainability

Quality assurance and active factory presence are key factors for successful development and manufacturing in China. We believe that quality goes hand in hand with a sustainable and responsible approach to production.

Delivery control

Your quality is our business. When quality discrepancies are detected in time, they will not affect the shipping dates. We handle the risk of delays with the utmost priority and we always aim to find solutions that will get high quality products to our clients – on time.

Responsible and sustainable sourcing projects

We help you to evaluate your factories and manage your risks by our multi-layered sourcing approach, looking into production capability, management systems and compliance. Should a promising manufacturer lack in any vital areas, we can assist in training and competence building.