Sourcing and supplier evaluation

Should you want help with the whole outsourcing process or just an independent supplier evaluation, we are flexible to offer you whatever support you need.


Factory audit – content:

  • Factory profile
  • Management and organization
  • Validity of certifications
  • Production capacity
  • Equipment, machinery and facilities
  • R&D capacity
  • Quality processes
  • Health and safety conditions
  • For more detailed analysis a Social Compliance audit is suggested – see CSR.

Gekko inspects your suppliers based on international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO14001, Global Compact and AQL standards. We are not a certifying body but help you, your agents and manufacturers to evaluate, identify risk and build capacity and competence to set up functioning management systems to work towards obtaining standards and to give you peace of mind.

Supplier Management

We are here to follow up so that your manufacturer understand your requirements fully and that the systems and processes are in place to meet these requirements in a timely manner. Let’s discuss how we can work to maximize your important supplier relationships.